Tips For Interior Painting Of Your House


Despite seeming simple, interior house painting is not intuitive. Most of us have experience painting on flat surfaces, often beginning with finger painting in kindergarten. However, an actual professional interior paint job is a very different story. Apply these suggestions to your upcoming interior painting project to speed up the process and provide a neater, more appealing result.

Clean The Surface Using A Tack Cloth.

Prepare the surface with a tack cloth before painting or staining for perfect results. Tack cloth, a cheesecloth dipped in beeswax, gently removes sawdust, wood shavings, and other kinds of waste from your surface. This item is quite affordable.

 If you don’t have a tack cloth, a moist cloth may be used; however, ensure to squeeze it out thoroughly first. Unlike walls and ceilings, it is more suited for trim, doors, and cabinets. Never apply a tack cloth to a broad surface. Additionally, try not to press too firmly on the tack cloth as this could smear beeswax on the surface, which can be challenging to remove.

Buy Premium Roller Covers And Brushes.

Roller covers that are cheap and of poor quality leave lint and fuzz on the walls. You are left with uneven walls that are challenging to fix once fuzz and lint stick in the paint and the paint dries.

Brushes of lower quality leave streaky brush marks; instead, invest in high-quality brushes and take excellent care of your costly purchase. Some painters make the error of using cheap chip brushes. Chip brushes shouldn’t be employed when painting inside. They’re intended to apply glue, adhesive, and solvents instead. Spending more money on quality equipment for roller coverings and brushes is worthwhile. Your surface will have a superior finish in the end.

To Avoid Overlap Marks Maintain A Wet Edge

Always maintain a wet edge while painting and work away from it. Particular care must be taken to maintain a wet edge when painting with a glossy or semi-gloss paint. With increased paint gloss, overlap markings are more likely to be visible. However, the possibility of generating overlap marks is almost nonexistent with flat or matte paint.

Wrapping It Up!

Contact Gordon Coating for more information. Our painters in Melbourne know how to transform your old and dull-looking property into a modern and luxurious setting with high-quality painting services in Melbourne.