How Long Does It Take To Paint The Interior Of A 3-Bedroom House?


Are you a homeowner looking to give a completely new look to your 3-bedroom house? Though some might find it difficult, in this blog post you will see how long it takes to paint the interior of a 3-bedroom house. When you paint your 3-bedroom house, you will come across numerous challenges and might find it difficult to face them. But by following the given information, you can at least know how long and which factors to look at when you paint the interior of your 3-bedroom house.

Top Factors to Consider When You Paint the Interior of Your 3-Bedroom House

Painting the interior of your house is a great way to enhance its look and make it more appealing. House is where we spend most of our time and we want it to be the best. But before you move ahead, you might want to have a look at the below-mentioned factors that can help you with the challenges you might encounter. 

#1 Size of the House

Typically, a 3-bedroom house may have square footage of around 1200 to 1800 square feet, though it can be smaller or larger. The size of the house is among the major factors to consider to determine the time required to paint its interior. The larger the house, the longer it will take to paint. 

#2 Condition of the Walls

The condition of the walls is a factor that is worth considering when you decide to paint the interior of your 3-bedroom house. If the walls are in good condition and have been painted before, you will require less preparation work, such as filling in cracks and sanding. If walls have never been painted before or are damaged, by cracks, holes, and water damage, then you will have to repair them before you paint. This will again consume much time. 

#3 Preparation

Proper preparation is required when you wish to achieve a high-quality paint job. It involves removing furniture or covering it with drop cloths, protecting floors, removing light switches and outlet covers, and taping edges. This preparation of walls for painting can take up to 50% of the total time required for the task. So make sure you are well prepared so that you can easily paint the interior of your 3-bedroom house. 

#4 Number of Painters

All it comes down to the labour. If you hire many painters for your work, you can get the task done quickly. They can speed up the process, but when you hire many painters, your labour costs are going to go higher. So make sure you keep an eye on your budget. Also when there are many hands, you have to ensure that they are working efficiently and avoid any mistakes or inconsistencies in the paint job. 

#5 Type of Paint

After discussing the labour, comes the paint! The type of paint you select can impact your project timeline. Few paints like oil-based ones require longer drying times between coats which adds time to the project. Whereas other types of paint, such as low-VOC or no-VOC paints require multiple coats to achieve the desired shade or colour which will increase the time for completing the project. 


Painting the interior of your 3-bedroom house is going to be a time-consuming affair! But if you can manage the above-mentioned factors, you can certainly minimise the time required. Make sure you sit down and take your time, and prepare accordingly before you hire anyone for painting the interiors of your 3-bedroom house.

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