Cost to Paint 2 Bedroom Apartment in Melbourne


Painting is a terrific approach to modernise the inside of your two-bedroom apartment in Melbourne. 

Yet, it’s crucial to take into account the associated costs before beginning any painting project. In Melbourne, the price to paint a two-bedroom apartment might change depending on a number of variables. These elements will be covered in this post, along with an estimate of the price to paint a two-bedroom flat in Melbourne.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Painting a 2-Bedroom Apartment

Size of the Apartment

The size of the apartment is one of the key elements that determine how much it will cost to paint. 

A two-bedroom apartment may be between 50 and 100 square metres in size. The larger the apartment, the more paint and materials will be needed, which can increase the cost.

Condition of the Walls

The state of the walls is another aspect that influences how much it will cost to paint an apartment. The price will be less if the walls merely need a fresh coat of paint and are in good shape as opposed to if they need significant repairs and prep work.

Type of Paint Used

The type of paint used can also impact the cost. Higher-quality paints are generally more expensive than lower-quality paints, but they tend to provide better coverage and last longer. Also, the price will be greater than a typical flat or eggshell finish if you choose specialist paint finishes like textured or metallic paints.

Labour Costs

When estimating the price of painting an apartment, labour expenditures should also be taken into account. 

The cost of hiring a professional painter will depend on the painter’s experience, the project’s intricacy, and the project’s duration. Some painters may charge a flat fee, while others charge hourly rates.

Cost of Painting a 2-Bedroom Apartment in Melbourne

A two-bedroom flat in Melbourne can be painted for an average price of $1,500 to $4,000 or more. 

The price here includes materials, paint, and labour. 

Depending on various considerations, the price may change.

It’s crucial to remember that even if painting an apartment may appear pricey, doing so is an investment in the building’s future value. A new coat of paint can enhance the apartment’s overall appeal, raise its market value, and even draw in prospective tenants or buyers.


In conclusion, there are a number of variables that can affect how much it will cost to paint a two-bedroom flat in Melbourne. Think about your apartment’s size, the state of the walls, the paint you want to use, and labour charges to get an exact estimate. 

To make sure you get the best value for your money, it’s also advised to seek quotations from many painters and go over the specifics of the project with them. And if you are looking to paint your 2-Bedroom Apartment, look no further than Gordon Coating which has got a top-notch and experienced team that will give your bedroom a whole new look!