5 Steps to Prepare Your Home For Exterior Paint


Do you want to enhance the overall appeal of your property? Are you looking for an exterior painting company to give your home exterior a brand new experience? Before calling in a professional, you can try some easy tips to prepare your home for painting. Some of these include:

Prepare and Clean the Area

Make sure the area to be painted is extremely clean and free to dust. Keep the patio furniture, barbecues, and trash cans away from the wall. Anything that can’t be removed, cover it with a drop cloth to protect from paint stains. If there are any trees around your outer wall, trim them so that branches don’t spoil the paint.

Wash the Exterior Surface

By washing the entire exterior of your home, you can allow the paint to properly apply to the walls. Try using a pressure washer or a scrub brush to remove the old flaking or peeling paint. If your walls are affected with the mildew, use chlorine bleach with water to clean the surface well. For house with shingles, wash it with detergent and water.

Sand the Exterior Walls

To establish a connection between paint applications, sanding is necessary. Use a 80-grit sandpaper to even up the surface when the paint isn’t lumpy and uneven. You can also consider using an orbital or pad sander to hasten the process. To get rid of the scratches, sand with paper between 100 and 120 grit to get rid of scratches.

Caulk Gaps and Patch Holes

Any siding or trim that you are unable to even up should be replaced after sanding. For wood surfaces, you can use epoxy to replace or repair. Use a caulk gun to seal cracks around the doors, windows, and trim, after that apply a primer.

Prime Stains and Bare Spots

Using a paintbrush, apply a stain-blocking primer to any stains or exposed areas. If you’re changing the paint colour, apply a coat of primer to the exterior surface to ensure even application. To avoid rust from penetrating the paint, spray metal primer on the screws and nailheads.

So, these were some easy steps you can follow to prepare your house exterior before applying a coat of paint. If you are looking for a reliable painter for house painting, look no other than our painting contractors at Gordon Coating.